Dumitru Gorzo

Different Perspective (2012)

Dumitru Gorzo was born in Ieud, Maramures, Romania in 1975. In 1997 he received a visual arts degree from the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Romania. He was the co-founder of 'Rostopasca', an influential contemporary artistic movement in Romania.
Gorzo's methods of working have ranged from street prankster to performance artist to studio painter and sculptor—effectively evading any strict categorization. In 2006 he was the subject of a major, one-person exhibition at the Romanian National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) in Bucharest. The exhibition then travelled to the Brukenthal Art Museum, Sibiu, Romania. Since 1999 he has featured in many exhibitions in Romania where his work garnered extensive press coverage and a growing audience.

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