Richard Long

Driftwood Line (1977)

English sculptor, photographer and painter Richard Long was born in 1945 in Bristol. He studied at the West of England College of Art in Bristol before graduating from St. Martin's School of Art and Design in London. Richard Long is a landscape artist; for him, the landscape is at once the medium and subject of his work. He introduced the act of walking as an art form as early as 1967.
Long had his first solo exhibition at the Konrad Fischer Gallery in Düsseldorf in 1968, and just a year later was showing in Paris, Milan and New York. After 1969, Long created environmental works all around the world, documenting his walks with texts, maps and photographs. As Long began exhibiting more frequently, he was forced to realise different modes of presentation to bring his experience of nature back into the museum or gallery. In 1970, at the Dwan Gallery in New York, Long walked a spiral on the floor with boots muddied from the soil of England. In the 1980s, Long began making new types of mud works using handprints applied directly to the wall. He also constructed large lines and circles made of stones, slate, and sticks, often collected on his walks or, in later years, from locations near the exhibition sites.

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