There is nothing new about using wood in building structures. Throughout the ages, in those places where forests grow, wood has commonly been used as a building material. The international trade in timber also means that countries with limited availability of forest resources can nowadays have access to wood for building purposes, wood that comes from sustainable and certified forests. Building with wood is energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Wood has many benefits as a building material when compared with other materials. Above all it has a low weight in relation to its strength and load-bearing capacity. The material is 'flexible' and can be worked and crafted with simple tools. On top of this, it is a renewable, biological material that is part of the natural eco-cycle. In this way, the use of wood makes a vital contribution to the reduction of the earth's emissions of carbon dioxide. Wood constructions also have significant advantages in severe seismic zones.

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building on site and Off-site prefabrication
Single-Family Houses and Multi-storey buildings
Curtain walls/Infill walls and Partition walls/Inner walls
Insulation and Extensions

Building techniques

Several common techniques are available for constructing buildings with supporting frameworks made of wood. One way is to use structural wood members to form a frame which is covered with structural wood panels. Foundations are generally concrete.

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